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This special offer is for a limited time only.

European and Asian ABS / SRS functionality upgrade is now available for existing Innova® PRO models 31603 and 31703!

In addition to being able to diagnose Powertrain Check Engine Light problems on all 1996 and newer vehicle, this upgrade will now allow you to diagnose ABS (Brakes / Chassis) and SRS (Airbag / Body) problems on most popular 1996 and newer Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, and Nissan manufactured vehicles.

Upgrade the existing Innova® PRO models 31603 and 31703 for free! Regular price $199.99. This is a great opportunity for you to obtain high level functionality that until now has only been offered in high-end scan tools that can sell for thousands of dollars!

Regular Price: $199.99

Promotional Price: $0.00


Vehicle Coverage Chart:

ABS Chart       SRS Chart