Pick The Right Tool

Time is Money. Make It Count By Picking The Best Innova Pro CarScan Tool For You

Let’s face it … time is money. That’s especially true when it comes to diagnosing today’s vehicles quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time. To help get the job done, Innova has released a brand new line of professional grade diagnostic tools under the Innova Pro CarScan series name. Brand new on the market and sold exclusively through professional channels and not retail, these tools help technicians solve OBD1(81-95) & OBD2(96 and newer) check engine, anti-lock brake system (ABS) and Airbag (SRS) problems, as well as quickly and easily turn off the “Check Engine” light so you can spend the minimum amount of time diagnosing vehicles. In fact, our professional automotive technicians who have been beta testing these tools in the field tell us that these tools help them diagnose and repair at least one more vehicle each day.

These tools are a radical departure from the Innova tools that have been used by pro’s for years in that they have been developed solely with the professional technician in mind, while still keeping our price, quality and service the same as ever. Functionally, these tools are now running a brand new state of the art processing chip with makes them 30% faster than before, have a completely new, heavy duty internal architecture for shop use, bigger screens with easier to read info. and a freshened and easier to use button configuration and user interface designed directly in conjunction with our all ASE beta testing staff. Feature wise, this is where the Innova Pro tools will really stand out to the guys in the trenches. We’ve listened extensively to our customer service call, to the techs and mobile jobbers at the trade shows and have added live data graphing, SRS coverage for Asian and U.S coverage, expanded our ABS coverage as well as adding in Honda OBD1, SRS & ABS coverage. We have also increased the memory size significantly to be able hold our complete database of codes in English, French and Spanish as well as USB 2.0 functionality for faster downloads of future year, make and model coverage & expanded European & Asian SRS & ABS coverage.

So which tool has the right features and functions you need to get the job done? In developing these tools, Innova listened to techs in the field to find out what they want, and one of the most frequent requests was a choice of tools within a program. That’s why we’ve given you the choice of five different Innova tools that include a variety of easy-to-use features and functions so you can get the tool that best fits your needs. All of the CarScan tools in the Innova Pro line come with a 1 year warranty as well as a dedicated toll free support line manned by our all ASE certified technician support staff in English and Spanish, Monday - Saturday, 6am–6pm PST.

  • The 30203 CarScan Code is the ideal entry-level tech tool where nothing more than basic diagnostic and repair verification information is needed. Its shows over 20 pcs of info on its all in one screen, has easy to use features to quickly reveal the cause of "Check Engine" light warnings on any 1996 and newer vehicles, including all those with Controller Area Network (CAN) coverage. The tool has 15 inspection maintenance monitor coverage, shows permanent and pending codes as well as the code which tripped the freeze frame, turns off the check engine light as well as having a simple and easy to understand 3 color LED emissions status check.
  • The 31003 CarScan Diagnostic Tool is for the tech who wants a lot more info to not only find what the problem, but also wants a tool that will verify in greater detail that all repairs have been completed. It includes all of the features and functions found in the 30203, plus it gives you an OBD2 live data stream, freeze frame data, multilingual on screen code definitions in E/F/S, enhanced engine and transmission codes as well as a tool that covers all ten modes. For future expansion, the tool is fully internet updateable and upgradeable and comes with access to optional online RepairSolutions with extended diagnostic support.
  • The 31403 CarScan + OBD1 comes with a host of professional grade features and is built for the tech who works on the newer OBD2 vehicles, but also has a shop that see’s a lot of older OBD1 1981-95 vehicles coming through its doors. This tool expands significantly from the previous 2 by offering OBD2 live data graphing, all ten modes of coverage including mode 8 Bi-directional EVAP, OBD2 live data graphing as well as OBD1 coverage for the most popular 1981-95 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda vehicles. It also comes with software to be able to print and manage vehicle diagnostic reports.
  • The 31603 CarScan + ABS/SRS is for a tech wants comprehensive coverage of newer vehicles only. This tool is the same as the 31403 but instead of OBD1 coverage it adds SRS & ABS functionality for the most popular 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda vehicles.
  • The 31703 CarScan + OBD1, SRS & ABS is the top of the line tool in this series and simply is for the tech who wants it all!!! The 31703 combines the 31403’s older OBD1 vehicle coverage with the 31603’s newer SRS/ABS coverage into one. This tool is for the tech who only wants to reach into the toolbox to get the job done on any vehicle that comes into his bay.