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5160 - CarScan® Pro

MSRP: $642.84

5160 - CarScan® Pro

The 5160 is Innova’s top of the line tool for professionals. It incorporates a 3.5” LCD all-in-one display that has all the space needed to simultaneously stream, record, and graph up to four ABS, SRS or Powertrain Live Data parameters! The 5160 is also equipped with new features such as Active Test and Steering Angle Reset to help get to the bottom of those hard to diagnose problems.

  • Reads and Clears Check Engine Light Codes.
  • Reads and Clears ABS/SRS Codes.
  • Live Data - Graph up to 4 ABS, SRS or Powertrain parameters simultaneously.
  • Vehicle Network Scan.
  • Active Test.
  • Steering Angle Reset.
  • 3.5" Color Display.
  • Patented All-In-One display.
  • Oil Light Reset.
  • Battery Light Reset.
  • Battery Initialization.
  • Battery/Alternator/Charging System Test.
  • Bluetooth Enabled Mobile App compatibility.
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Check Engine
OBD1 Capabilities   * *
Oil Light Reset  
Live Data Graphing  
Battery Reset  
Battery Initialization  
Network Scan  
ABS & SRS Live Data  
Steering Angle Reset    
3.5" Color Display    
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Feature Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
MSRP $114.27 $428.55 $642.84

*Additional kit necessary